Thursday, December 18, 2008

For the kids

For our nieces and nephews this year I made texture boxes inspired by the ones Julie made with her kids. It was fun to read through the comments on her blog to get ideas for what to put on the cards.

Cutting the cards was not too much fun, though. I couldn't think of a really efficient way to do this, so I cut them all individually by hand (90 total). Ugh!

I used photo boxes to hold the cards. The lid can fit two cards, but also had some extra space. So I decided to mount a holder for the paper in the center using cardboard and brads. The cards can be slipped in on either side and then removed by lifting the brads. I included a sample page so the kids could see how to use the texture box.

Each box has 25 cards + 5 blanks for the kids to embellish with cool textured items they find. Here are the cards I made

Alphabet pasta
seed beads
popsicle sticks
chenille stems
puffy paint design
foam shapes
bubble wrap
felt shapes
corrugated cardboard
velcro and elastic
die cut numbers
paper clips
textured contact paper

And that completes the Christmas crafting! Who-hoo!


julie said...

Those kids are going to think that is so fun! I hope you made one to save for Hank!

leslie said...

love this! great idea jen! hey, are you on for this weekend? maybe sunday evening?

Julia said...

This is so brilliant!!! I MUST make one for my classroom!(after the holidays, of course)

Kayce said...

What a brilliant idea!

Kimber said...

Thanks for sharing that; I'll bookmark it for later.

Chrissy said...

Wow! What an amazing gift for your nieces and nephews! Can't wait to make one for my little ones!

Columbia Lily said...

these are awesome

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this great project! I have a toddler and want to do an alphabet version. Below are the ideas I've come up with -- can anyone help me with more?
A alphabet
B beads, buttons, bubble wrap
C crayon, coins, corrugated cardboard
E eraser, elastic
F flowers, feathers, felt
G glue
H hooks,
I ink
K keys
L leaves, lace
M match
N netting, numbers
P penny, paper clips, paint
R ribbon, rickrack, rice, rings
S stamps, stickers, sticks, snowflakes, sandpaper, sequins
T tinfoil, toothpicks
U umbrella
V velcro
W wax, wood
Y yarn
Z zebra

juliekintaiwan said...

Love the cardboard car one! And the idea to add the paper holder is fantastic.

Ashlee said...

My daughter would love this! Thanks for sharing!

Dustin said...

Those look fantastic. Thanks! I love the idea, and can't wait to try a little kit. I have seen these photo/vhs boxes around for a few dollars each, but of course now that I want some I can't remember exactly where...

Incidentally, corrugated cardboard cuts great on a table saw: if you have a workshop out back you can save yourself the hand ache and get very consistent, very clean results with a regular old ripping blade.

Jennifer said...

Great idea to do an alphabet theme! For J, I have bought in the past stick on jewels (scrapbooking), and for O, maybe oilcloth? It would have a smooth texture.

LeeanneA / KMullally said...

I think I will have to get to work and make a bunch of these! I made texture boards from small bread boards - the kids love them.

emmy said...

I like the Alphabet theme too....
My ideas for difficult letters:
D- dryer sheets or denim.
J- jewels/jewelry or jeans.
O- oatmeal??
Q- Q-tips, quilt fabric
X- assemble strips of textured paper or fabric to look like a xylophone??
Z- zippers

Malana1 said...

I'm trying to work on a sensory wall for my school and I am wondering what you used (besides regular hot glue) to affix items to the boards. I ask because I have students who have PICA and I don't want any choking hazards. Suggestions anyone?

Stacy S said...

I love this idea & incorporating the alphabet is great too. Thanks for the inspiration.

shamraiz said...

It is nice to see some original and well thought :)

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Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

I wish I could buy these!! I am so not crafty! My son Jeremiah has severe cerebral palsy and has cortical visual impairment. This would be great for him :)

Kirstylee said...

I love this idea! I can't wait to make some of these for my kiddos. It will be the perfect thing for long car rides.

John Locke said...

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